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The “Péckvillchen” work had become bigger and bigger through the years and I had the help of students during the summer holidays. Over the years finding students to help me had become so difficult that I had to find a new solution. In 2004 I decided to travel to Thailand to find some small ceramic studios which can help me for this large production. The ‘Péckvillchen’ had never been done in a mass production style, but the time invested to create, develop, produce and sell the birds had increased during the years. Since 1999 my birds had become more sophisticated, so that every year I spent up to 4-5 months on the design and developing time, before the first bird was produced. Many people did not understand this and they preferred to buy cheaper and simpler birds from other craftsmen. What people didn’t realize was that the cheaper products had no longevity and were not as intricate and the products I was making. Throughout my life I have been living quite a  modest life…. And have still  had the greatest luxuries one can aspire to: freedom and passion for what I create.

Now I have a large studio in Luxembourg and in Thailand. In Luxembourg I cannot afford the research I can do in Thailand. My research is on a technological level: frustrated by the electric motors you can find on the market, I decided to develop my own motors. After a few years of trial-and-errors I have created some motors that start fulfilling some of my expectations…. well, some of them as I’m still working on it.

Besides I resumed working on ceramic sculptures and I have started to discover the human body as a means of art work.

So I am looking forward to the results following this studying period and what becomes of my everlasting life-long journey.

Since 1984 I have been creating ceramic birds called “Péckvillchen” in Luxembourgish. Tradition has it that these are sold at the annual Easter market in the old town. From the beginning these birds have been a great success and for many years they have allowed me a regular basic income. However they did not fulfill my expectation of a life as an artist and I used every minute of my spare time to work on my sculptures and projects.